The CyberProfiler report

Monthly reports that outline your specific vulnerabilities and what you can do about them


Active reporting from the Attackers Eye View™

We outline our findings in a comprehensive well-structured report. By joining CyberProfiler, you will receive a monthly assessment on the following areas, allowing you to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. 


A list of vulnerabilities where action needs to be addressed. If remediation is not possible, the organisation should acknowledge and accept these risks if considered appropriate. 


Suspected risks that may have deeper implications are outlined and findings that attackers could leverage are evaluated. However, internal knowledge may be required to confirm.

Insights and info

An outline of services that may give attackers unnecessary insights into your online presence. Actively reviewing these sources can prevent unnecessary data leakage.

Domain certificate review

A report on all expired or soon to expire SSL Certificates. Expired certificates present both phishing and financial loss risks to the organisation and their customers.

Associated domains

We research all online domains associated with an organisation that hackers may use to impersonate the business. Forgotten services that are still active are highlighted.

Breached data

A summary of existing corporate data and user accounts found on the dark web. This includes a wide variety of data found online and within corporate data breaches. 

Resolvable hosts

An outline of business services that are visible to the internet. Publicly visible services provide insights into a companies technology and can be utilised by attackers.

Security gained from the Attackers Eye View™

CyberProfiler provides businesses with clear insight into how attackers can leverage their weaknesses. We identify vulnerabilities as they arise, and provide our members with the ability to correct them before a hacker can use them. 

Each month, the report will outline risks precisely and advise how to tackle each vulnerability. If further clarification is needed, we are available to provide consultation.