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Book a CyberProfiler cyber risk assessment

Understand your organisation's cyber security exposure from an "Attacker's Eye View ™"

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For a more comprehensive cyber security audit, try Cyber3: Rapid Risk Review

The cybersecurity audit trusted by insurers

If you are looking to internally review and remediate your cybersecurity, you may wish to consider our more comprehensive assessment service - Cyber3.

Cyber3: Rapid Risk Review is delivered by a cyber risk management specialist via a web conference. The assessment thoroughly examines your business from multiple viewpoints, highlighting risks relating to people, processes, technologies, data assets and vendors. Cyber3 is based on cybersecurity best practice and includes the insurers perspective as well as the CyberProfiler: 'Attackers Eye View', all in a single report.

Practical help to manage cyber risk

If you need an independent team of highly qualified cyber risk analysts, cyber security experts or digital investigation specialists, contact CyberProfiler

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