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CyberProfiler: The 'Attackers Eye View'™

Cyber security exposure scan; your business, from an attacker's perspective.

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What is a cyber security exposure scan?

Cyber security exposure and security rating as viewed from an attackers perspective

Proactively improve your security, mitigate cyber risks, eliminate vulnerabilities, and meet compliance standards.

Quantify your cyber security exposure

Review your entire digital estate quickly and affordably with nothing more than a domain. Get a complete assessment for £150.

Test your ransomware defence

Ransomware has become the most popular form of attack in recent years, growing 350% since 2018. Our cyber risk assessment detects the likelihood of a ransomware attack to your organization.

Expert cyber attack response insights

CyberProfiler was developed by STORM Guidance, one of the most recognised cyber security incident response companies in the insurance space.

What is a scan

About STORM CyberProfiler

Why use CyberProfiler for my cyber security exposure scan?

Much more than just a cyber security checkup

Our monthly profiling service provides an Attackers Eye View™ of your business, enabling you to actively defend your business against data breaches, ransomware and cyber fraud. 

Make your business difficult to surveil

Using CyberProfiler, you can obtain a comprehensive profile of your organisation’s digital estate. Our service includes active scanning for vulnerable technologies, configurations, user accounts, registered domains, third party links, budgetary spend and many other sensitive details.

Be the hard target

Weak targets are easy to spot with poorly configured networks, outdated services, and an abundance of available leaked corporate data. As with traditional crime, if opportunist criminals find profiling hard, they will move on to softer targets. Our monthly review allows you to identify what your online services reveal to criminals.

Actively defend against cyber attacks

With our monthly assessment, you can detect vulnerabilities as they happen, rather than after an attacker has discovered them, or they are discovered too late in an annual review. We summarise our findings in a comprehensive report, and if needed, we can consult your business on remediation. 

About cyberprofiler

Cyber risk assessment process

How does it work?

Activate membership

As part of the membership activation, you will need to verify your domain ownership and specify which online assets will be profiled. Once approved, we will begin our specialist assessment.

Specialist review

Our team of cyber security expert analysts will investigate your digital estate using advanced investigation and scanning tools. We combine automatic and manual research to gather a full ‘Attackers Eye View’ of your business. 

Get a Monthly report, or request a rescan

We can summarise our findings in a comprehensive monthly report containing an opinion statement and remediation actions. As an added service, we can discuss weaknesses and consult on remediation.

How does it work

Identify vulnerabilities in cyber security before cybercriminals do

When attackers profile your organisation, they search for a wide variety of weaknesses that will enable them to breach or defraud your business or third parties.


Cybersecurity testing

We review all internet-facing systems, including websites, email gateways, remote access portals, CCTV, building management systems, and networked devices. As part of our assessment, we reveal online systems associated with your business that you may not even know about.


Domain profiling and information leakage

Our assessment will discover misconfigured domains or malicious domain variants that criminals can use to impersonate your organisation. We will also search for information leaks that reveal data which should not be publicly available.


Active searches for breached data

We search a comprehensive range of data breaches to reveal data relating to your business and/or employees. Our reports then alert you to potential risks with recommendations on what to do to reduce any related exposures.

What cyber attackers look for

Using CyberProfiler, you can identify these exposures and take practical steps to secure your services. 

CyberProfiler provides businesses with an understanding of what attackers look for. This information, combined with our remediation advice, is used to achieve a highly effective cybersecurity strategy.

what attackers look for

Practical help to manage cyber risk

If you need an independent team of highly qualified cyber risk analysts, cyber security experts or digital investigation specialists, contact CyberProfiler

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