Gain the ‘Attackers Eye View’ and affordably protect your business from cybercrime

CyberProfiler assessment pricing

Our mission is to provide high quality, low-cost assessments that deliver in-depth cybersecurity insights for businesses of any scale.

£250 per month

Monthly CyberProfiler assessment

Receive an active monthly review of your companies cybersecurity and an up-to-date attackers perspective on your organisation's digital estate. Single CyberProfiler assessments are also available for £500.


Full cybersecurity review

We also provide a thorough internal assessment of an organisations cyber risk management maturity. Cyber3: Rapid Risk Review is a comprehensive, standards-based assessment that also includes a CyberProfiler 'Attackers Eye View'. 

Discounts are available for insurers, brokers, charities and foundations, get in touch to learn more.


Direct support

Consultation on findings


Our cyber risk management specialists handwrite each assessment, and our team of dedicated professionals are available to provide additional insights and consultation should you need clarification on the findings.

We provide consultations for those looking for this additional service and can help with any questions you may have. If you would like to book a consultation to elaborate on the assessment findings, or you would simply like to discuss the best way to remediate weaknesses, you can book a consultation with one of our team.

Cyber3: Rapid Risk Review

The 'Attacker Eyes View' provides an outside perspective of your organisation. If you are looking to internally review your cybersecurity, you may wish to consider our other assessment service - Cyber3 - Rapid Risk Review

Cyber3: Rapid Risk Review is delivered by a cyber risk management specialist via a web conference. The assessment thoroughly examines your business from multiple viewpoints, highlighting risks relating to people, processes, technologies, data assets and vendors. Cyber3 is based on cybersecurity best practice and includes the insurers perspective and the 'Attackers Eye View', all in a single report.


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